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Forbidden Milk Blind Taste #1

A perfect example of combining 2 already magnificent beauties. Takes 'Forbidden Fruit' and combines 'Purple Milk' to create 'Forbidden Milk'

Blind Taste #1

Today was an interesting day. We were lucky enough to be given some samples to test our skills on. No information, just 3 bags. Each labeled with a number and tucked away out of sight.

This morning, I put my hand in the cupboard and pulled out Bag #2. Upon opening the bag, I was hit with a strong, tangy, yet sweet, citrus aroma. Very remniscent of a fresh cut grapefruit sprinkled with sugar. Beyond the initial aromatics, the nose begins to find notes of pine, and what can only be described as a skunkiness that somehow resembles B.O. The flowers themselves that I saw were small but dense and filled with vibrant colours. So many shades of green and orange, all of which were overshadowed by the dark purples dominating the flower. The aromas alone were enough to get me excited to roll my tester joint, but seeing the colours ground and mixed together, I just couldn't wait.

The first few hits tasted just like it smelled. Even on the exhale, the tangy citrus flavour lingered longer than the rest. It was not long before the high began to set in. Beginning in the head, a sense of euphoria quickly spread throughout the mind, body, and soul. Stress, depression and anxiety stood no chance against this high. I felt them all lift away and motivation take over. Motivation to create, energy to move, and an incredible focus that combined into the perfect storm to get things done. This strain will make the movement flow naturally, whether it be exercising, playing with the animals, or grooving to your favourite tunes. I guarantee you will be lost in every moment of it, and the focus, I know I mentioned it before, but the focus this strain can bring is perfect for keeping those with ADHD on task.

A perfect example of combining 2 already magnificent beauties. This strain brings the flavour and colour from 'Forbidden Fruit' and combines the marvelous effects of 'Purple Milk' to create 'Forbidden Milk' bred by Right Hemisphere genetics and grown by a local farmer.

If this is what the future of this industry holds, I, for one, can not wait

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