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Top Tier Candy
LCG X Pink Runtz X Skittles X Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream Cake: Wedding Cake X Gelato #33


6 seeds per pack.

You want to know where that renamed candy, which dropped 3 units per light in 2025, originated. Well, I’m here from the future to tell you that this top-tier candy is poised to be a contender for that nomination. Cherries dipped in lemon top an ice cream sundae sprinkled with runtz candy. This plant’s veg time will be a week longer though. Normal but her flower time is only 7-8 weeks. Fat, dense, and ocean-grown, making it resistant to pests and molds. If you have a high-functioning personality, this flower is for you. It’s going to help your body relax and your mind focus. With anti-inflammatory terpenes and major resistance to PTSD, it’s a standout choice. Zero secondary growth makes this an easy plant to cultivate on a large scale and harvest, yielding up to 10 pounds. She truly is unique in her own way, and we present this cultivar to the community and the future of farming.


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