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Onyx Cookies=

( Black Domina x 1987 Hash Plant) x (Girl Scout Cookies)

6 Fem Beans

Onyx Cookies breathes new life into the classic cannabis strains of old. This feminized hybrid of DHK Black Domina, 1987 Hash Plant, and Girl Scout Cookies produces rock-hard, trichome-encrusted buds that are astoundingly potent. Onyx Cookies is a fast-flowering, Indica-dominant cultivar that is much easier to grow than most Cookies strains. Its funky and minty aroma and body-melting stone will satisfy any cannabis fanatic.

Onyx Cookies Strain Review:

Onyx Cookies unites the classic Black Domina and 1987 Hash Plant cultivars with the exotic Girl Scout Cookies strain. This blend of old and new genetics creates a unique hybrid with star qualities.

Onyx Cookies emits a scrumptious aroma of menthol and soil, mixed with subtle hints of cookie dough, pine, and skunk. Its lip-smacking flavor is much like that of the classic Indica varieties of the 1980s. This terpene-rich strain is the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

Like most Indica hybrids, this strain offers profoundly calming effects. The initial head high soon fades into a muscle-relaxing stone that may ease pain and discomfort. Given its potent union of cerebral and physical effects, this strain is great for both medical and recreational cannabis users.

Growing the Onyx Cookies Strain:

Girl Scout Cookies is a notoriously tricky strain to grow; however, Black Domina and Hash Plant are both very beginner-friendly strains. Onyx Cookies takes after Black Domina and Hash Plant, being a vigorous strain that can thrive in a variety of environments.

This cultivar flowers within eight to ten weeks, producing an average yield of top-shelf flowers. Some Black Domina-dominant plants may produce a larger yield, while Cookies-dominant phenotypes may be smaller and frostier. Growers can increase the yield by using various plant training techniques.

Onyx Cookies

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