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(Runtz x Stardawg)

Strain Info

Dotz brings together the fruity flavor of Runtz with the skunk funk of Stardawg, creating a unique terpene profile that is both sweet and savory. This variety smells of citrus and berries, mixed with sharp notes of pine, fuel, and skunk.

This strain produces a potent high that is perfectly balanced. Its effects are deeply relaxing, calming both body and mind. However, it does not cause couch-lock or overwhelm you with heaviness.

As a hybrid variety, this cultivar offers a smooth ride with mental clarity on the side. Dotz may be useful for alleviating stress and tension while relieving discomfort.

Growth Traits

Dotz is of medium height, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Growers can control the size and boost the yield of this strain by using various plant training methods. Note that some Runtz-dominant phenotypes may be more sensitive to environmental stressors than Stardawg-dominant plants.

These feminized seeds offer balanced effects, extraordinary bag appeal, and unique flavors of lemon, berry, skunk, and gas.

6 Fem Beans


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