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(Bubblegum x Animal Cookies)

6 Fem Beans

Bubbles is a premium cannabis cultivar bursting with aroma, flavor, and potency. This Indica-dominant strain is a feminized hybrid of two world-renowned varieties—Indiana Bubblegum and Animal Cookies. Bubbles produces dense, frosty buds that are glazed in a thick layer of trichomes.

By combining Indiana Bubblegum with the prized clone-only cut of Animal Cookies, Greenpoint Seeds has produced a strain—Bubbles—that offers the high yield, unique aroma, and vigor of Indiana Bubblegum, and the incredible potency and bag appeal of Animal Cookies.


Bubbles brings together the sweet, candy-like aroma of Indiana Bubblegum and the sweet-and-sour bouquet of Animal Cookies. This strain produces a variety of phenotypes with scents that range from bubblegum and soil to cookie dough and skunk. Most plants offer a combination of these aromas.


Bubbles’ sweet, skunky aroma also is present in its flavor. This variety tastes strongly of candy, cookie dough, cherry, soil, and skunk. Depending on the phenotype, Bubbles may taste more like Indiana Bubblegum or like Animal Cookies.


Bubbles provides a potent but well-balanced effect, which can be felt in both the body and mind. The high begins with a rush of euphoria and quickly descends into a body-numbing stone. This variety is excellent for an evening or nighttime smoke.


Bubbles is of medium height, with robust branches that have moderate internodal spacing. This strain develops medium-size colas that are heavily coated in trichomes. The flowers are dense and frosty, and are lime-green in coloration. Some Cookies-dominant phenotypes may display hues of red and purple in the leaves and buds during the late flowering period.

Growing Bubbles:

Bubbles offers the hardiness and resilience of Indiana Bubblegum as well as the potency and frost of Animal Cookies. This variety is much easier to grow than Animal Cookies and is resilient to many pests and diseases. Bubbles can be grown both indoors and outdoors, if provided with a warm and dry environment.

Pest & Disease Control:

Some Bubbles phenotypes may be prone to powdery mildew. Growers can avoid powdery-mildew infections by thinning the canopy, providing lots of ventilation, and keeping a low humidity level in the grow room. Foliar sprays such as water and sodium bicarbonate solutions may be used during the vegetative period to help stop powdery mildew infections.

Due to the unusual density and frost of the flowers, both Indiana Bubblegum and Animal Cookies are prone to bud rot. Like its parents, Bubbles may be susceptible to bud rot. Growers can prevent bud rot by removing some of the large fan leaves, using fans to promote airflow, and keeping the humidity level below 50 percent during the flowering cycle.


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